Author’s Notepad :

I think the two biggest blessings the world ever got, one is ‘Internet’ and Second one is ‘English’ Language.

And we are literally lucky bastards, as we are living in this era, 

These two tools have been continuously shrinking the whole world into a global country,a global state, a global city, a global village and now at our desktops and tablets.

One is the technical pillar and second one is to Break all the communication and language barriers.

We should thankful for the language ‘English’,
At least, we have one language with us today, to communicate with the majority of humans living on this earth.

That’s the most fundamental ‘Global’ stuff,
As In a single country India, we have around 780 + languages, so In the whole world you can imagine the same.

Second thing i am not here to promote any product/Philosophy/thought/idea,
but to share !!

And sharing is a two sided affair, obviously, you don’t have to agree all the time, and here i am more concern to hear, observe, to enlighten by the peoples across the whole world.

This way i can have a little bit of essence, that where the whole world is going.
And the beauty of the social networking sites are they are limitless and timeless.

I seriously believe that, “Observing/Analyzing/Witnessing the life, as a true Audience is the biggest entertainment of world”.

Now here at WordPress, what i found more impressive is that i can have a broader circle of friends and thinkers, most of them are obviously not personally known to me, and that’s a good thing.

Here, They will consume the content as it is, without have any concern over my personal stuffs,
They will consume it ‘pure’ & ‘Genuine’ without having any sort of image of my personality in their mind.
Same thing applicable on my side as well.

Because most of the time, people have a certain image of you in their mind
(Doesn’t matter good/Bad),
And this way, your whole content get corrupted.
So, that’s not the case here, my contents are going to be safely deliver to the browsers & brains nearby you.

I am born to be a “Brand Surgeon”,
Literally passionate about Brands, Strategies and all that but more passionate about Creativity and even much more passionate about Life, Spirituality.

I take life as a whole in it’s totality, 
Don’t just want to stick at any point,
but explore and explore whether it’s Brand, Music, movie, Humans, philosophy, spirit, food and even Silence.

We can feel ‘Creativity’ all around.

Professionally, hail from New Delhi, INDIA.
Started my career as a freelancer Copywriter, 
Now working as an independent brand consultant.

So far worked for the companies like TATA Nano, LML, Cognizant, BAJAJ, JLL to name a few.

I have a disease called 
And let me spread it all around, till the scientists find a cure for this one.

And here are some Brainworms, you would like to take a bite  :-

The fundamental Dilemma :
A ‘Brand’New Debut


11 thoughts on “Author’s Notepad :

  1. You have a very interesting blog and beautifully made. I’m impressed. Thank you for following mine.

  2. Hi! So glad you stopped by and followed. What a wonderful landing page you’ve created!

    And I’m certain that you will help a lot of people, with your joyous and unique perspective on life and the world in general.

    Speaking of “branding,” I’m getting ready to launch a business called “The Picky Proofreader.” My aim is to help non-Mother Tongue English business writers like yourself to publish perfectly polished, professional copy that will grab the attention of your intended audience–not because of the little mistakes that give you away as a non-native speaker, but because of the power of your message.

    What do you think of that concept? I’d love your feedback!

    Be well, take care, and keep writing!

    • Hey There !!

      The pleasure is entirely mine..
      Thanks for the appreciation and following me back !

      I just love the concept of “The Picky Proofreader.”, Although it was just a brief introduction you given here, but one can feel the freshness and potential of these sorts of unique projects.

      I hearty appreciate these sort of initiatives, taken by a person like you,
      who knows what the life is and it’s true Value, it’s true essence.
      Who is just living in almost every possible aspect,
      You really inspire lots and lots of people, the way you are living your life, What a tremendous adventure you’ve had.

      I can say you are an enlightened soul in
      Original Human -being Format, in this Big world.

      It would be certainly a delighted moment for me,
      if i can help in any capacity to “The Picky Proofreader.” ,
      I would love to be a part of it.

      Looking forward …

      Thanks again !
      Cheers !!

  3. Hey Abhi,
    Wat a way to express many things abt idea of advertising which is still not know to many people around you n me.I hell ur effort for many people looking for “let’s do some excellent work”.

    Let’s break the xings and show them wat shape a sapling idea can take becoz even ‘Columbus’ was not knowing where he was heading.

    Now enlightened mind,

  4. “I seriously believe that, “Observing/Analyzing/Witnessing the life, as a true Audience is the biggest entertainment of world”. and as I know the insomniac Brainworms. ( I call them Whispers of the Wind)
    I love your description here…
    may I add a third side to your two-sided affair? (as in truth, yours, mine and those who hear our truths and react…) how ones points of view are presented is a third side because that will be a reaction or response…. 🙂
    Thank you for dropping by and liking my thoughts and staying on for more…
    I appreciate your kindness and I will enjoy the wandering of your thoughts as you post them…
    Take Care…you Matter…

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