A ‘Brand’ New Debut :

Sometimes, people try so hard to be pretend as an “Intellectual”, they just take human emotions and philosophy for granted,
They really don’t know, if you have to be a better coordinator with brain, you should be driven by your heart and soul.

Let me begin my new section by saying what does the “Philosophy’ mean in a typical dictionary:
It says:
‘The study of the most fundamental nature of any knowledge’. (And I utterly agree)

And you can’t just ignore it, doesn’t matter in which profession you are, what you are doing,
whether you are doing something or nothing.

As for example in my profession (Brand consultancy), which is actually supposed to be most creative,
but, Peoples are so much stuck with the silly data and history,

They are busy keep playing with that and at the end of the day they came up with some bizarre ideas/solutions,
which is somewhere ‘inspired’, mediocre and may be a bit helpful for the company but with temporarily effect .
(Will talk about it, later)

Now you may wonder what My Plan is or what’s there in the kitty, Today?

After writing some spiritual stuff (And I am again thankful to all of you for your responses),
Here’s the time to write down my own prospective on brands, companies, Products and organization.
That doesn’t mean it would be no more spiritual, but the spiritual essence of brand, companies and consultancy all around.
It would be around brand, but will talk about the philosophy and psychology, it contains.

I am not going to bore you by talking some stuff, which is already been talked more than hundred times, and may be there on Google,
but will discuss the same under a creative wrapping.

I am not the one who is playing with data and history of the companies, in spite of that we’ll discuss,
what it holds in the future,
what’s the prospective of dynamically changing consumers, how brands are going to impact the lifestyle of society on ground, indeed.

Even in today’s Articles and corporate magazine, what I find is 80% Data, History and Expert comment and only 20% Analysis (And that sometimes turn out Mediocre).

What I am looking forward is, to share some interesting and fresh pieces not only fresh even virgin pieces , out of my 3-4 years of experiences with different companies, Surgery of different brands, and thousands of brainstorming session, live from my operation theater.
And let me assure you, you will find it entertaining as well as engaging.

Now some of my creative friends here may feel that,
A brand-talk is not going to excites them at all,
It’s not their cup of tea.
Bcoz, they may feel that they are not connected to it, by any sort.

Okay ! it’s normal,
usually people don’t take interest in Brand-talk,
Except , if they are Brand Mangers, Brand surgeon or an Ad professional, e.t.c.
And may be that is why it has been called a
‘Client Business’.

For all of them I just wanna say,

Doesn’t matter whether you are involve in this profession or not, doesn’t matter whether you are a MBA or not.
Doesn’t matter, whether you are a photographer or a painter or a poet or an author or a student or a brand manager or a CEO or ‘Nothing’,

But we all can’t deny the fact that, we are the consumer/customer for XYZ product/service.
And the brands/services are literally involved in almost each and every prospective of our life.

We simply can’t deny the fact, that we spend/Invest a major fraction of our earning to Brand(s), Consumer goods, product(s) or in a company.
So, sometimes it’s not a bad idea to witness a brand-talk.

And hey, after all it’s all about thoughts and ideas,
Philosophy and strategy.
It’s all about brain …
And I am damn sure you are going to love my first piece on the Branding.
Which is titled “The Fundamental Dilemma”Will publish the same within few hours.

I am open to all your views and appreciation,
All your thoughts and Criticism.

Give a Try !!
Let me take you through a different panorama of Branding and Marketing.

28 thoughts on “A ‘Brand’ New Debut :

  1. Good to hear that,
    Really enjoyed all your writing.

    Although, usually i find Brand-talk a bit boring,
    But will check that out, as i really love the way you carry your Thoughts and Ideas,
    Finger crossed !

  2. Hey There !!

    I am a Management student, and i always look for all these talk,
    Not just to consume but to share my views as well.
    Waiting for your first Article (In btw, Title excites me ! )

  3. Wao !!
    It’s not just the bombarding of words,
    Love the way you remind us, that we may be something or nothing,
    But a Consumer.

    All the best
    Eagerly waiting for …

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    You can follow my new blog through email subscription, RSS, Bloglovin’, or any other blog reader. Hope you’re having a great week! –Caitlin

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