One Sided Affaire:

Last Evening, I got a mail from a blogger, she told me
‘You mentioned yourself as a brand surgeon and brand consultant’, but there is nothing relevant what you have written in your debut article’.

And here I found my next one?


No, that’s not a typical teenage love story, but the problem or a virtue with most of the humans are, the limitation we all have,
And that is most of us having a one tonal or a stereotype love.

That sometimes I found very danger as we have a limited time period to live,
(Obviously, we can die now, Rebirth…A/c to Lil Wayne), But rebirth with a blank memory.

First of all I would like to say,
Most of the people are not living they just exist and behave like an intellectual machine.
Congrats to all of them, because it’s not about them, it’s not for Mentally-unemployed humans.

Now there are some people, actually most of the people, who can feel and understand creativity, Art and claims that that they are creative.
Doesn’t matter in which format, through a book, Painting, Movie, Music, Nature or in any undefined way, But they care for it.
Now the problems with most of these peoples are they having a ONE SIDED AFFAIR.

1. Within Art:-

Let me elaborate, Someone is praising a beautiful music,
No he was not, he was praising classical music of 70’s.
No he was praising a jazz,
He was praising a Rap,
He was praising a modern time music.

Doesn’t matter what category he praise, but to praise, is it compulsory to oppose others?
Isn’t it ridiculous, to watch some peoples having an argument over Classical and modern music?
Both are in loss, someone is losing the beauty of Classical and someone is going to miss the modern one, the quality and quantity of loss is same.

Someone is there to love Arty and independent cinema, and then is it compulsory for his/her to criticize a commercial one or Vice- versa?

I don’t think that type of love with the art is pure,
I mean any sort of Art, whether it’s for Man made Painting or a God made Girl.
Why we as a human are not able to afford each and every dimensions, don’t talk about technicality.

And as I was discussing the music, most of the classic music lovers of 60’s or 70’s, criticize the current music so much with their heart, like :-
“We have no more sensible music to listen, The 70’s or 80’s was the only golden era, that’s it”.
And then they got totally stuck with that timeline only”, they somehow got biased.
They don’t even want to give a damn try to current music,
In this way they are going through a huge loss of modern piece of Art.

In the same way most of the teenagers don’t want to give a damn of classical cinema/music, they found it irrelevant, but again they are missing some beauty and essence.

The fact is these people cannot see what ART or so what LIFE is?,
As they can’t get universe in its wholeness, it’s totality.
The Creativity Exits in those Peoples DNA, who have the guts to consume Infinity.

Now, may be most of you can’t correlate, what I am trying to convey,
You think this guy is crazy and a movie/music buff,
Obviously I am.

And that Example of music/Movie was just a basic example, which shows our narrowness.
Now let me tell you the broader picture.
2. Beyond Art:-

As humans, why we are in so much hurry to create some baseless categories in front of us?
In education, in Arts, in Science, in politics or in Life as a whole.

If I am a brand consultant, why I can’t be talk like spiritual leader or why I can’t be sounds like philosophical, or why I can’t be behave like political ?
Why I can’t posses all the qualities, simultaneously in a single human soul ?

In this Big world, I found most of the peoples are so much stuck with that particular ‘one’ prospective (In general, His/her Profession) deliberately or unintentionally, that they can’t afford other dimensions of life.
All the time they revolve around that central single issue, they talk like that, behave like that, walk like that.
This is definitely not a human Specification.

In general, at the educational institutions or at work places, some students/employees are even criticized often, when they talk about something different from their specialization.
I wonder, why there is need for such silly specialization, especially in educational spot.
Oh c’mon, I mean we all are the humans and our heart/Soul/mind can go in any direction,
and it should be, it’s totally natural.

If You are a bank manger and talking some spiritual things, they will call you crazy.
“Crazy, you are a manger, not a saint or philosopher, just do your work”,
Even you criticize yourself most of the time to being that, you try to restrict yourself.
Now this is totally rubbish!!
On the other side, if you are a spiritual leader and talk something about Bank & Finance, then again people will feel, what happen to him?
If you are a politician, even then you are not allowed to become a poet or painter or musician and Vice-versa.

What is happening in today time is, a spiritual leader criticizes Common man life and his style of living and a common man criticize the Spiritual leader even more.
Again the quality and quantity of loss is same on the both sides, this is unhealthy.
We have to go beyond both of these and for that we have to break down so called ‘categories’ and so called ‘disciplines’.

At the end of day, our total focus is on what profession we carry, what specialization in that profession we carry,
By just ignoring the fact  that we are HUMAN BEING.

I am as much passionate about brands, as much I am for Music, or for the Movie, or for the spirituality, Philosophy, journalism, Nature, Animals, driving, cooking, Sports or for the writing or for the politics or for the science or for any possible Life’s aspect open in front of me.
I would like to live and in fact living in as much possible dimension, as I can.

And when I am saying I am passionate, it doesn’t mean it’s just my hobby,
It’s not just for the sake of entertainment, to drop my mechanical stress, 
It’s much more than that,
For being passionate doesn’t mean you should physically involve all the time,
but you can afford to be a true analyzer, a true hard-core Audience.

And I think, as a human being it’s our real liberation that our heart and mind can go anyway, but the condition is we have to allow it.

I found peoples who are so called professional are deliberately restricting themselves from being involve in another aspect apart from his/her profession.
And they some time, especially students termed it as ‘Extra Co-curricular Activities’.
I mean what sort of madness is this?
Why we have to define this Activity in such a rubbish manner.

In eastern countries like India, We have the peoples who are behaving like the machines 12 hrs/day and after that, investing another 4-5 hrs to entertain, to put down the stress, they got at their workplace/institution.
And sometimes I found, the same reason behind that stress, the stressful human who always thinks of weekend and national holidays as their golden time, it’s their narrowness towards life.

In my opinion, the more we connected to the God/Nature/Life’s canvas, less the stress we’ll have.
And this mantra is not  a medicine to put down your stress/tension, it’s a rational stuff.
if you are enjoying what you are doing, I am damn sure that you find yourself more connected to more roots, more dimensions, more Aspects of life.
You can feel that universal quote,
“That each and every thing is connected in this Universe”, Not just humans together.
And you can feel it even, when you are alone in your room, quietly sitting in a corner.

Surveys have shown that 3-4 out of 5 peoples are phobic, stressed, frightened about their workplace/institution and profession, Worldwide.
It means they don’t enjoy it at all, so unfortunate!!

The reason is they behaves in a customized mechanism, who know only about or aware only about what he/she is doing.
And even then, they don’t have the confidence that the particular stuff is in their control,
even then they are not a expert in field, even then they don’t come up with fruitful outputs, even then they fail to drive it
most of the time.
How many persons you find in your work place, who can be call an “EXPERT” in a true manner?

So as I mention in my opening remarks that a particular blogger find my previous article (and I am sure, this one as well) irrelevant to my profession,bcoz she can’t expect a philosophical piece of writing from a Brand Surgeon, this is just because, she is not much open towards life.
The news is, My next piece of writing will be on a brand.

The more you will open to life; the chances are more you will drop the categories and tags.
And we should really not worry about it.
In general, the peoples are afraid that if they get into something else, they will shrink and can’t be able to come out.
But that’s our pseudo fear, There is nothing to come out from, we as a humans should shrink, We should forget our self for a while, to watch the larger and extravagant picture of life/god, which contains almost every possible element and that’s the life.
It is infinite and it should be infinite.


As humans we should have the guts to jump into that infinity, nothing is going to loss.
As one of Eminem’s Piece says “You better loose yourself in the moment”.
Let’s do that, let’s invite that Infinity to dance in front of us and take our soul and spirit for a while on the high and high and high on that rythm.
It’s our freedom, it’s our total liberation.

Now I would like to sign off by saying,
“True love for  the life or anything exits when, we live in totality or wholeness”.


51 thoughts on “One Sided Affaire:

  1. You strike a right chord…##,
    Now this moment i can feel the connections, all i have with Universe.
    Thanks for sharing such a precious piece.

    • Hey !
      What a coincidence !!
      I was just reading your ‘Sunbrella’ and ‘Guard Of Bones’.
      Utterly, An Enlightened Piece of writing,

      You really made my day,
      Thanks from bottom of my heart..
      i saw ‘InfiniteZip” in the wordpress suggestion,
      And i faal in love with that particular term ‘Infinite Zip’,
      That was the sufficient reason to love your Blog…

      Looking forward ..
      Thanks !!

  2. I just luv the pace of story telling,
    As you started with a light example ……then take it on a high.
    At the end….. i was just speechless !


  3. In general Authors bombard the fucking rules, in a motivational packet,

    Now here something, beyond the kids..
    likes the maturity of piece.

    • I really don’t have an Idea,
      What ‘Focus’ you are talking about.

      Usually i hear the term in my school/college days.
      As far as the’ excellence is concerned’, it will come automatically.
      And in my opinion, the genuine thing comes Automatically,
      you don’t have to do anything.
      Just accept, when it comes to you .

      Well Thanks for writing and Appreciation of the same.

  4. Luv the way u wrote the whole piece…..
    It’s so complicated issue,
    but consuming it with so ease, Amazing 🙂

    thank you for sharing.

  5. This one heck of a clever website! I adore your originality and I love the way each post for me is full of the unexpected. I am learning a lot. I think you ooze fresh ideas and I wish you bags of luck on your road to success. You are a writer with a dynamic imagination. Great to be in touch. Lita

    • Thanks Lita !

      Your feedback really inspired me a lot, and i’ll accept it humbly,
      As it is given by a true and genuine creative soul,
      I have ever met on this virtual world of ‘web’.

      These sorts of experience, again make me to say that,
      “Internet is one of the biggest blessings, the world ever got” .
      Thanks again for being here ….

      Cheers !!

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