A Brand New Religion Born

This earth is already full of hundreds and hundreds of religion and day by day Human kind is introducing some new philosophy/religion.

It’s quite surprising why there is need for so many no. of religion/philosophy on a single earth.In last 5000 years of the history. We humans have around 15,000 wars all over the world and the dominant reason behind all these was so called “Religion”.There must be only a single religion on this earth and if we required more than one, then don’t called it Religion, because it isn’t.And If I am allowed to set only that single religion then it would be simply “Human kind”, but somewhere it seems like an outdated dialogue, repeated over and over again.

So I’ll modify a bit in some creative mode.
The only religion we required on this earth, and if it’ll there for human beings then there must be something which connects the people as a whole.
Religion can’t furcate humans, and right now the no. of so called religions on this planet is doing nothing but furcating human beings.
The religion we required right now is like, which will govern, will lead, will evoke, will provoke, will be modern as well as classic and can be simply comes in the way of any human being living on this earth,

Doesn’t matter from which so called religion the “Human” is,
Doesn’t matter what’s the gender, doesn’t matter which age,
Doesn’t matter which strata of society he/she is.
That would be like the best replacement and the single replacement for all these hundreds of fictional religion.

And that religion according to me would be “Creativity”.
I seriously believe “Creativity is the only religion for which art is the temple”
But I don’t know what’s going on in this big mad world?

Naturally Each and every person having some sort of hunger, some sort of desire and there is nothing wrong in it.
God/Nature having some very good reasons behind crafting this sort of curiosity, hunger, desire to a human being. May it’s a hunger for money, thirst for fame/popularity, or desperate attraction towards opposite sex, and all these things are right at their own place/space/time.

But there is one hunger which was planted there in human being. But god knows the reason why most of the people having missing this hunger or omit (not deliberately) this hunger from their system from last hundreds of year.It was supposed to be there in DNA of each and every human being, that intellectuality must be possesses by all human beings, doesn’t matter from which profession you are, doesn’t matter from which corner of globe you are, doesn’t matter from which strata of society you are, doesn’t matter you are rich or poor, doesn’t matter you are a guy or a girl, and ultimately doesn’t matter from which so called ‘Religion’ you are, doesn’t matter you are a workaholic or a couch potato.

I do believe that somewhere God/ nature feed this sort of hunger in each of us, but in today’s time, in this physical world, everyone is taking this thing to granted, and that’s why most of the people are losing their interest in their work/job/service nowadays, doesn’t matter what they are doing, for whom they are doing and doesn’t matter how much they are paid for it.
The ultimate reason is that peoples are nowadays more mechanical as compared to intellectual.

“Creativity” is one of the irrational motivational factors, which somehow always there inside us as a human being, and that is the only thing which make us completely different from animals
I.e. Intellectual property and its development, possesses by all human kind.
In one sentence “Creativity” is the only thing which allows the human to being as a human.

Most of the common population (mostly old age persons) having a fear and they are continuously blaming “Advancement” as the reason for their stressful life.But, there is nothing to do with Globalization or technology advancement.
Creativity somewhere allow a human being to explore something unexplored, uncovered something covered and let the world making place, where really one of the biggest creature of nature resides.

This is something about bringing a brand new idea on earth with your intellectual intelligence.
Whether it’s story for a movie or an Advertisement, whether it’s a technical product innovation or something like socio innovation, which somehow helps the whole human kind and ultimately leads to happen something ‘Constructive’
Human were made by god in this way only,

And that’s why it’s the only Available Bridge today we have, to connect with god directly,
Doesn’t matter whether you are an artist or a business professional,Because most of the time ‘Creativity’ sounds like only an Artistic property or an Artist’s Asset.

In today’s time peoples are usually getting bore of his/her work and looking for a new job in each span of 3-4 months.
I do enjoy my work and even being in a joyful mode while writing the answer to this beautiful question, just because somewhere creativity involves in it.

Ultimately, “The more creative you are, the more religious you are” (According to OSHO),
The only thing which varies from person to person is the field they choose and their ability to embed creativity in it,

Movie making, Music, Painting these are some hard core examples of creativity but one can find this even in cooking or even in a bank job.

I found it in “Brand Surgery”, for which Advertising is a major part, this is the field where I can utilize my whole creative instinct and need to wear a “Brand new mind” everyday.
I do believe I am few of those who having desperate thrust for creativity, apart from money, Food, sex, fame, Popularity e.t.c.

As for example I am really feeling so nice after writing all these lines on a piece of paper.
Oh God! Its feels so nice …!!

Creatively Satisfied!

45 thoughts on “A Brand New Religion Born

  1. Great ! looking forward more on the same,
    The most fundamental Topics of Life.

    But here i would like to add, that being creative is not an easy deal in a mediocre society like this.

  2. Going to read it Again and again, very well written ##
    There is nothing without creativity, That’s the big reason behind my frustration.
    now i know, it has to be on my own, it’s my responsibility to stand by my decision and commitment.

  3. It’s Good to called it a new age Philosophy as a religion,
    Religions are always there for some good reason, but what we have forgotten today is the discipline and essence of the same.

    Nice 1 !

  4. It was a bit stretched, but the fact is there can be nothing better replacement than this “Creativity”,
    The Author is trying to draw an universal topic,
    But it should be more crisp and concise, so that everyone can get into it.
    Dude, It’s just my opinion, i m not a stubborn ….

    Cheers …

    Recommended !!

  5. Don’t know but how the Author is brushing ‘Creativity’ & ‘Religion’ through same brush,
    It’s really Debatable %
    Partially Agree with the piece !

    • Just Get out of here,
      You ppl are responsible to mislead the ‘Religion’ as a whole,
      by confining some stupid rules, that who is the ideal Muslim ??

      WTF !!

      • I am not but you are.
        you ppl will never understand the value of religion, the illiterate ones.
        only a true Muslim like me can afford it.

    • Zamil,
      Let’s discuss about, what should be an ideal Human, not Ideal Hindus Or ideal Muslim,
      These sort of thing will always lead to Conflict,
      Completely agree to replace all so called religion by with Creativity.
      as it was correctly quoted that “Religion can’t furcate humans”.

  6. Why there is only one article on this page ????
    never seen defining CREATIVITY in this way
    Loved It ….!!

  7. Ahhh !!
    I am working for a creative agency and no one more than me can know what’s the real meaning of CREATIVITY is, it’s not just the next big thing
    But a mammoth to thoughts..

  8. I have 2 degrees in religious studies. I have put much of that aside and now my religion is : Never be the source of someone’s misfortune and never pass up an opportunity to perform a charitable act. Thanks visit my blog.

  9. Interesting post. I agree that all humans have the capacity for creativity. But I believe this to be a product of the nature of our being. We are created in the image of God, the original creator, therefore we contain the capacity to be creative, each in our own fashion. The problem comes when we try to rigidly define creativity and force others to operate within those parameters. The basic “law” if you will, remains, “do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Being kind and generous is as much a creative endeavor as painting a portrait. Religion is simply a set of rules to be obeyed. Faith is a relationship with the creator of all life.

    • Hey !!

      Thanks for stopped by and adding some gems to the post.
      And i completely agree that, we shouldn’t try to rigidly define what ‘Creativity’ is,
      In general, people do it most of the places, especially in the institutions and organization,
      Where creativity and inventions are required to be ‘non-corrupted’.

      If one is setting some parameters for it, then he/she is destroying the creativity.
      I’ll say that one can’t define the creativity in some silly brackets,
      It should be timeless and limitless.

      ” Being kind and generous is as much a creative endeavor as painting a portrait”,
      just love the line.

      Thanks again …
      Cheers !!

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