World Without Boundaries :

Well, it has been around 100 days being here on WordPress,

So far I wrote 6 articles, but that doesn’t mean, I was not active.
Seriously, I can’t afford to be inactive here.
Actually I am getting more and more involved,

I was witnessing some of the great posts and classy pieces, including some timeless photographs, speechless poetries, priceless stories, limitless ideas,from the friends across the Globe.
As I always emphasize that Internet is one of those biggest blessings the world ever received.
Well it’s obvious, we all know!!

I know all of you have witnessed the same, feel the same at some point,
but let me re-celebrate it and there is nothing wrong in Re-Celebration.
I believe life should always flow in celebration mode and if there is no celebration on surface then in a Re-celebration mode.

Now Here, I would like to put some prospective,
In these 100 days, I have been praised, criticized, inspired, recognized, justified, applause by the bloggers and I am doing the more or less same all around.

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What I am feeling nowadays, that I am living in a world having no boundaries/borders, I feel like not living in a city, in a state, or in a country but in a human society.
And witnessing a much broader canvas of life.

Today I am not writing as a professional or an intellectual,
sometime we become so professional that we take human emotions and feeling for granted; let me directly say it from my heart.

Well it’s evolving, but still I feel Sometimes that our humanity is in a very immature stage,
I mean we are living in a world where still only 30 % people are completely not in the favour of war,
Rest are either in favour or having no idea.

We are living in a world, where in a country like US, govt. spends around 50% of the total tax collection just on security and defense (Internal and external),
And on education and food just 1.32 % and 2.39% respectively.

Data (38)

(Courtesy: Wall Street Journal,
Source: Committee for a responsible federal budget)

This is really bizarre and insane, but unfortunately this rubbish can’t be stop like right now.
They are spending that amount just to secure the humans from humans, I mean each and every country is afraid of nothing but their respective neighbors,
I am not criticising the Govt., but our mindsets.

Isn’t that bizarre, we spend $50 out of that $ 100 tax coming from the common people,
In a time when 1 out of 5 children, dies from hunger in America.
And it’s not just about US or America but throughout the world you will feel the same scenario.
This is really unfortunate that we have still not made our world a better place to live freely and peaceful, doesn’t matter how much era of humanity has been passed.

And somewhere I found the one of the most vital reason “BOUNDARIES”,
Yeah I have the guts to say it straight-forward,
We should drop the boundaries, to get rid of those bizarre.
We have to have rise above the Nationality,

The idea of nationality is the root cause of all problems,
We starts with nationality and bifurcate humans on that level,
Then we talk about states and then again furcate some within our nation,
Then we go a bit more narrower up to the Religion, caste, city, then street, Colleges and schools, then our apartment, then our own house, our own room…..

Oh god! Everywhere there are boundaries, boundaries and boundaries.


And at the end of the day, we ramify almost everyone; ultimately we become selfish, and very self-convinced.

Again, I am repeating myself, the whole problem start with the so called idea of Nationality.
yeah obviously we have a lots of respect for our nations, and it is inherent it would be there forever,
My idea here is not about anti-nationality, or go against the nations,
but the way we are taking humanity for granted is ridiculous,

In last 5000 years of the history. We humans have around 15,000 wars all around the world just due to some silly boundaries, insane philosophies and so called religions,
That was Ridiculous !!

Now it’s really fortunate that we are getting rid of that, we are becoming mature,
The nation, the politics, the policies, the idea the humans everyone.
HUMANITY should be our priority doesn’t matter from which strata we belong, from which corner of world we belong.

And the fortunate thing is that these things are happening now,
Some refreshing stuff on the surface are sign of relief,
Day-by-day we are becoming mature,

And after Sports, the ‘Internet’ is one of those next big things, which is gradually melting the boundaries between Humans,
Unlocking those borders and boundaries.

unlocking boundaries

Organically changing our conservative, narrow and silly approach and mindset, At least in this virtual world.
Waiting for a day when the same will replicate in physical world.

That’s why I said let’s Re-celebrate it.

At the end Cheers to World Humanitarian Day (19 th August).
Well it is worth to celebrate, not just on 19th of August,
but each and every day, each and every moment.

Cheers to the Humanity!!

Signing off :
An Absolute ‘HUMAN’.